RGL's Envisioning of Forest Evergreen

RGL's Envisioning of Forest Evergreen: Nature's Guardian, the Blessed

To you are the gifts of the natural and Mother Nature herself. Accept them with gratitude.

Staff of the Eternal Natural

Behold the branch you wield with your own might. The very same branch you used on the day before Winter's frost came, with it, you help others in need. Now with Nature's Blessing, may it give you the Fortitude to endure your most difficult struggles in life.

Pouch of Wondrous Essence

The breath of Nature is contained within a piece of your own cloth is itself as reminiscent to your own. Simple from the surface but within is beyond uniqueness and unlike any other. Hold anything that fits, with Nature's Blessing, may it merit your earnings to something immense.

Vestments of the Natural Order


Companion's Beloved

To your most trusted and most cherished ally, comrade and friend. A partner that he will love with all of his heart and will, even at time's end, for he'll never stop.

Seek her further North and believe me, she's the exact figure that your companion ever dreamed of for she also seeks the very same one you have. On the very moment they meet, be Inspired with new hopes and beginnings.