Forest Evergreen (codenamed Nikolai) is a Lumberjack of Lalaloopsy Land and a prominent member of the Brotherhood Organization.

About Forest


Forest prefers to be alone in the woods but is kind enough to help anyone in need, even if they're strangers. Being used to isolation, he has proved to be great at counselling others when it comes to one's loneliness and need of space.


Forest is fair-skinned with pale pink cheeks and plain black button eyes. His brown hair is spike styled. Forest wears a red checkered shirt with white collar and a pair of denim overalls. He also has red long long johns and boots in two shades of orange.


His name originates from the great forests that make up most of Lalaloopsy Land, as well as the mighty Evergreen tree.


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Forest lives in a log cabin deep within the woods just beyond the outskirts of Town Square. The porch is held up by red suspenders and his door and shutters are dark green. A river runs right in front of his house and there is a brown dirt patch in a clearing beyond that.


  • September 26th is Lumberjack Day.