Lala-Oopsie Land

Lala-Oopsie Land (or Lala-Oopsiesland) is an archipelagic wacky and silly world of colors and wonder, there are giant mushrooms, curvy roads, and magical kingdoms. This is the land of the Lala-Oopsies and the only known way to get there is through a magical door.


Lala-Oopsie Land comprises a chain of semi-fixed islands and surrounded by the Strawberry Milk. The 4 kingdoms namely: the Principality of Juniper, the Principality of Nutmeg, the Principality of Anise and the Principality of Saffron lie far across from the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. They also coincidentally surround the Fairy Island at the center. Milk Island, the very heart of the islands, sits at North of the chain and lies close to the Kingdom of Juniper.

The islands are usually far apart from each other not until they were brought close together by the mermaids.


Lala-Oopsie Land has an unusual climate, mentioned having strawberry "rivers" and tangerine skies. No further information has been provided.


Lala-Oopsie Land is a union of monarchies comprising of six sovereign states. Currently, six princesses rule over each of their own special kingdoms, each being unique to their own personalities.


Like the Lalaloopsies, they have no parents and there are no adults whatsoever, so they do things, like cooking, driving, and running businesses all by themselves without adult supervision. Lala-Oopsie Land doesn't have its own currency either. They usually get almost everything for free.


The Strawberry Milk's current (through the outflow of the Milk Carton) is the only known source of power of Lala-Oopsie Land which provides energy to plant organisms and fuel objects to work.


Due to the islands being far apart from each other, the Princess Ballerinas are heavily dependent on boats or "floaties" (anything that floats). Unlike the fairies they can fly and the mermaids they can swim from island to island.


Lala-Oopsies are the bendy and sillier counterparts to Lalaloopsies. They are, as implied, an Oopsie. Their arms and legs are rubbery and bendable, while their heads are very squishy. They are each vibrantly colored and have a variety of mismatched patterns and stripes on their clothes and hair.

Aside from the Princess Ballerinas, magical little fairies and mermaids inhabit the islands and waters around them.


The culture of Lala-Oopsie Land are of western origin, mostly European.

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